Just to start… some basic information.

Hello, thanks for visiting my website! I would like to start off by telling you a little bit about myself and how I got into this business.

I started my professional career in the Navy as an Electronics Technician on a Submarine, working on communications gear and Electronic Surveillance equipment. On a submarine you operate the equipment you work on. This is where I found my love of electronics and the art of surveillance. I loved doing my job. Submarine life wasn’t as bad as many people think it might be, you’re so busy that you don’t notice the amenities that you might find on surface ships. The trade off was that you gained some amazing friends; a boat full of people that you trust with your life. You learn about everything on the boat and how they work. You also learn how everything works together to make a heterogeneous system. Including the people on board.

Fast forward a little and I had finished my enlistment, I decided to try the civilian world again. I happened to find my way into the wireless telecommunications world, which is where I stayed for many years. I worked as an RF Engineer for a major wireless carrier and became the subject matter expert for Custom Network Design, mostly designing systems for stadiums, arenas and other very dense venues. During those years, I was in a situation that caused me to hire a private investigator. I spent a lot of money and wasn’t very pleased with the results. I ended up doing the work myself in less time. Several years later I was in another situation where a PI would have been greatly beneficial, but due to the first experience, I did what I could on my own. After this situation was over with, I entered a program to get me to the point of being able to become a licensed investigator. I wanted to have the access to the databases that the license allows a PI to get into. I wanted to be able to help people with reliable results. I opened Qualified Investigations in 2016 and have been building the business since then. I will eventually be doing cellular forensics. I am saving to buy the best gear possible, I don’t want to do anything halfway. Once I get that moving, I will then work to get TSCM gear, which is Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. In short, bug sweeps. If someone is offering to do these services for you, please make sure they are not only qualified to do it, but have the proper equipment. There are many people/companies out there that offer these services that own and use cheap “toys” to do the work. I’ll be doing blogs posts about this in the future. But if you have any questions, feel free to call, ask me about it. I can look into the company offering to do the services for you and I can guide you on the questions you need to ask. I don’t gain anything from this and I won’t charge you to help. I will find you someone more qualified to do the work if needed.

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