About Our Approach

Qualified Investigations treats your case like it’s ours, because of this, we want you to have the most accurate information and best evidence possible. We are in this business because we have a passion for it, and not because it’s what we fell into while looking for a job. We know that making the decision to call a PI is tough. People aren’t generally excited about having to call a Private Investigator. The owners were once in your shoes, as a result, this is why we completely understand your concerns.

Our Story

Qualified Investigations is led by Chris Cloud, a former Submarine Electronics Technician and telecom industry expert. Chris’s journey began in the Navy, where he developed a passion for electronic surveillance, engaging in intricate ‘cat and mouse’ games. This experience paved his path into the wireless telecommunications field, where he excelled in network design. While in Telecom, he designed major projects including NFL and MLB stadium systems. Personal experiences requiring private investigation services led Chris to a realization: the industry often delivered results not commensurate with the cost. As a result, he was motivated to make a change, he pursued licensure as a private investigator. Now, Chris leverages his unique skills and access to specialized databases to offer superior investigative services. His commitment is to not just provide answers, but to ensure the right fit for each client’s needs. At Qualified Investigations, it’s about delivering quality results that clients truly deserve.

Meet the Owners

This is Chris and his wife, Bridget!

Chris and Bridget Cloud


Bridget keeps me in line, she’s also supported me in this endeavor and keeps the family organized while I am out working cases.

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