This section is mostly about what we don’t do, the services pages talk about what we can do for you. Ethics and legality dictate most of what we don’t do.

Can you ping a cell phone?

The short answer is I won’t. It’s illegal. It’s certainly possible to do it, I have done this many times for many years, but it’s something I did with test phones while working on cellular networks. If a PI tells you that they can ping a cell phone, walk away. It’s a federal crime.


Can you tap a phone?

Can I? Sure. Will I? No. Again, this is illegal. So is recording a conversation that you’re not part of. In Texas you can record a conversation that you’re part of whether the other party knows or not. There are many other states that you can’t do this, both parties have to know, even if I’m calling that person in the other state or they call me/you from the other state.

Will you find my high school crush?

No. I’m not a matchmaker. I’m also not going to facilitate an encounter that both parties aren’t okay with.


Can you guarantee that you’ll catch them doing (insert action here)?

No. I can always go way out of my way to try to get the results you desire, but I can’t manufacture results. I can’t predict what the subject of your investigation is going to do. Not all situations allow for easy, long term surveillance or a covert camera installation. Not everything is easily proven, either.